After School Clubs: How They Can the Lives of Children

In the past several years, numerous after school clubs surged in the United States. A number of private organizations have even offered funding for today’s after school clubs. In a recent study, 4 out of 10 kids from kindergarten all the way through eighth grade have participated in after school clubs at least once a week. But the unfortunate part is, there are still millions of school youths who are either unsupervised or left on their own after school.


A recent observation from multiple studies show that after school clubs are actually keeping children protected from unsafe and bad behaviors. At the same time, they give an extra set of hands for working parents.

After school clubs are important since they assist children to develop social skills, improve their academic standings, and aid in crafting strong supportive relationships with adults aside from their parents. Children can greatly benefit from social skill development and enriched academic skills which leads to proper conflict management and better class attendance. Children in middle school who continuously take part in after school clubs will be more attentive in class and engaged in school activities with less chances of exhibiting in-school violent behavior. [Read more…]

Favorite Glee Characters that Deserve More Screen Time

If it were up to us fans, all of our favorite characters from Glee would have at least one song weekly as well as screen time for different storylines. But if that happened, every episode would be about a week or so long. Nevertheless, fans feel there are characters who have been short shifted in the upcoming season.



Here are our favorite characters who deserve more screen time in Glee:

Rachel Berry

In the last few years, we wouldn’t have thought of asking more of Leah Michele’s character on screen. It’s not that fans wanted less from her, but she was already a superstar for the past several seasons since the show aired. It won’t feel like that nowadays as she’s been missing in certain episodes while at times, forgotten. But it would be a nice change for the show to stray from the sad and weepy Rachel and have her back conquering the world like before. [Read more…]

Important Reasons Why Your Child Should be Part of a Glee Club

A Glee club is essentially a group made to sing choral music. Roots of the club goes all the way back in 19th century when the first group was formed in England. Glee doesn’t hint on the mood of music sung or of its performers but to a specified kind of English song popularized from 1650s to 1900s. This is basically an English part song that utilized three voices at the very least and purposely made to be sung as an acapella.


Taking part in a glee club is not only cool and fun, but there are advantages that could help your child in a whole lot more than you’d think. Here are some of the main reasons why a glee club is beneficial for your child:

1. Enhances performance and lessens stage fright

One of the main goals of practice singing is to perform with other members. The more you get to perform in front of a crowd, the less likely you’ll experience stage fright. Doing a performance on stage with others is a perfect cure to stage fright since you’re performing with other people. Being prepared and figuring out how to sing your part makes it a lot simpler to stand and perform for an audience.

2. Shapes your interactive skills

Performing with a glee club is an excellent approach to improving your social skills. Some of the most talented performers today have participated in clubs and choirs like the glee club, and often times than not, members of a glee club treat you like family. It’s relatively common for individuals to gain long lasting friendship through musical/acting activities like that of a glee club. [Read more…]

What is the Glee Club All About?

Just what is the glee club? For many, it’s a place where students come once or a few times a week to hone or showcase their singing and dancing skills. It’s a place where you can be yourself, relax, laugh, and meet new friends. You’ll leave with a big smile on your face and a buzz that will be with you until the next meet.

Basically, a glee club involves a group of people who meet with each other to sing choral works including part songs. These days, glee clubs (or show choirs in the United States), have branched out on the idea. They constantly mix rock, hip-hop, rock, and musical theatre songs with dance moves, sometimes energetic and at times athletic, to craft a beautiful listening and visual experience for those who listen and watch. These clubs are typically seen in most schools, specifically in high school, colleges, and universities. They’re now widely seen everywhere as friends meet up to sing and dance socially.

The breakout success of the American hit TV series, Glee, has planted the concept of the Glee club back in schools and making it a common topic in every household. The glamour of singing and dancing group of American high school students pushed the boundaries to greater heights. The worldwide effect has been swift and staggering. [Read more…]